Scientific Name

Bryobia praetiosa

Common Name

Clover Mite

Fun Fact

When a Clover Mite is smashed they leave behind a red stain that is very difficult to get rid of.


A Clover Mite is an inset that feed on plants, when found indoors they are considered a nuisance but cause no harm to humans, food, or a homeowners belongings. They are very small oval shaped insects only about the size of a pin head full grown, varying in color reddish-brown to olive to pale orange or sometimes green-brown after feeding. They have 8 legs, with the two front legs protruding forward which some people mistake for antennae or feelers. There are featherlike plates on the body and fan-shaped like hairs along the back edge of the body when viewed under a magnifying glass. The young and eggs of the Clover Mite are even smaller than the adults and are bright red.