How Much Do You Really Know About Rats In Columbus?


People don’t often pay much attention to the many different kinds of pests that fall under the larger umbrella of terms that we use to describe common infestations. “Rodents” of all kinds can be a problem for your property, but rats, in particular, are skilled at finding ways inside so they can get at your food and shelter. Only by learning the proper way to prevent and address their populations can you keep rats out.

Common Rats

One of the most common rat species around is the Norway rat or brown rat. They aren’t only from Scandinavia but rather earn their name from the fact that they’ve plagued homeowners on multiple continents for many generations. While they are often brown, Norway rats can also be gray in color, and they are much larger than a house mouse. Rats frequently grow to several inches in length, aided in their survival and growth by the easy food access they can find in human homes and businesses. It’s their reliance on our waste and shelter that makes brown rats such common invaders. There are numerous ways that they can be attracted to and gain access to your property. Once they’re inside, it’s just a matter of time before rats cause larger problems.

The Problems Caused By Rats

Preventing rats from getting inside is about more than just preventing food contamination; it’s even more important than that. Even before they gain access to your interior, rats contribute to all of the following problems on your property:

  • Disease: Rats can carry rabies, plague, and salmonella, all diseases transmitted through direct contact or regular proximity to rodents.
  • Damage: Rats chew on hard surfaces to file their teeth down, plus they tend to prefer burrowing into tight spaces for nesting. This leads to marks and holes around your property, including damage to key structural materials.
  • Parasites: Even if a rat isn’t a carrier of a specific disease, it may be carrying parasites like ticks or fleas, which pose its own health risks.

Rat Prevention Methods

To avoid the problems that brown rats cause, it’s important to address the factors that attract them or allow them to get inside easily. Here are some proven ways to do that:

  • Crack sealing: Rats can take a tiny crack or hole and turn it into a large opening in no time. You should routinely check and repair your exterior walls for this reason.
  • Food storage: Leaving food out or easily accessible to rats encourages populations to form and thrive. Keep food stored in secure containers and locations.
  • Deep cleaning: While you also need to inspect and secure your stored food items, it’s crucial to regularly clean for crumbs or spills that might accumulate in the tough-to-reach corners of your property. Tiny morsels of food can be enough for rats to survive.
  • Trash storage: Rats will also forage inside of the trash for food scraps, so proper trash storage and disposal are important.

Trust The Pros For Total Rat Control

While general maintenance and cleanliness around your property can help, even clean homes and businesses can wind up with a rat problem. These pests are masters of stealth and infiltration, and all they need from your property is the shelter it provides. To truly defend against brown rats, you should partner with local pest experts that can give you a fighting chance at proper prevention. At 1st Response Pest Management, we can assist you every step of the way, from inspecting your property to helping with prevention and treating existing pest problems. Only this kind of thorough, professional service is guaranteed to keep brown rats at bay.

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