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Spending time in the backyard when the weather is beautiful is an activity many people enjoy. However, if hundreds of mosquitoes share that space with you, it’s likely you won’t enjoy any time in your yard at all. Instead of letting mosquitoes drive you inside, it might be time for mosquito control from 1st Response Pest Management.

Our Mosquito Control Process


1st Response Pest Management’s mosquito control is designed to limit mosquito populations on your property. Our mosquito control process targets the areas around your property where adult mosquitoes rest, including:

  • Bushes
  • Shrubs
  • Grass
  • Trees

We also specifically target mosquito eggs and larvae by using strategic treatment methods.

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Hear It From Our Happy Customers!

    Ron is AWESOME! I had a national pest extermination company for several years and nothing was getting accomplished. I have seen a significant decrease in the last several months that I started with 1st Response. Ron is very committed to getting the problem fixed and is very knowledgeable and a great guy! He knows his pests! :) Everyone at 1st Response is kind, courteous, and goes the extra yard!

    Tina M.

    Company was very responsive to the needs that I had. My daughters room had hornets coming thru her ceiling. First response was the best response. They came right away after my internet message. Fixed the problem and offered a great service for other rodents around my house. Monthly service is a great deal. These guys know customer service and they know pest control. If you are thinking about a company that cares….this is it. Make first response your first response if you are in need of help.

    Matthew P.

    I live at The Gardens Apartments. I guess before I moved in, there was an issue with bugs. I never saw any. Thank God! But the gentleman from 1st Response saw something on the traps and came back several times to take care of the issue. He was always professional, polite and handled everything with care. Kudos!! I appreciate him and the service that you provide.

    Michelle W.

    Had a great experience with David - he was polite, personable, and able to find where the mice were coming in within 5 minutes. He put all the traps down and followed up on time to ensure they didn't return - highly recommend them!

    Nicholas K.

    This company is great! The company I work for has been using them for years, and I have been using them recently for my home. David is so friendly when he comes in to my office, and Larry was great when he came to my home. Lisa is always the best too! So friendly on the phone!

    Andy R.

    We have a mouse or two and Larry was amazing. On time, professional. He even went into my attic through a very small, inconvenient entryway in the top of a closet. He educated me about mice and inspected every inch of my place, inside and out. The office staff was great, too!

    Rene L.

    We purchased a house that has had termite damage in the past. The original structure was built in 1890, and has been added onto over the years. Previous owners had repaired the termite damage, and had contracted with 1st Response to continue to maintain termite control stations and inspect for any new activity. We have continued with that existing service since purchase. Every tech that comes out is wonderful. Office staff is great as well. Everyone we have dealt with has been personable, kind, attentive and professional. Jason and Justin have been our most recent techs, and they are both great guys.

    Patricia M.

    Best customer service ever! From the dispatcher to the technicians. They were super kind and accommodating to our health needs, more than willing to wear an N95 mask that we provided. Engaging conversation and thorough inspection. Even when 1 thing was missed, they apologized and made everything right. Their service was fast, but effective. The price is reasonable for all of the services you get and they were very understanding and accommodating when it came to the initial payment. I wish we had found them years ago, but if anything good can come from a mouse, it's having First Response on your side. 100%, 10 out of 10, highly recommend!

    Izetta T.

    Holy smokes! They are the best! Like seriously, if you need creepy crawly help or help with other things that scurry about, they are your people. They are incredibly kind, friendly, and understanding. They have a lot of patience and explain things thoroughly. Can't say enough good things about them. We have been using them for a couple years now and have had continued reliable and excellent service.

    Krista K.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquitoes

How Long Does a Mosquito Live?

The lifespan of a mosquito can vary depending on various factors, including the species and environmental conditions. In general, the lifespan of a mosquito ranges from a few weeks to a few months. 

Male mosquitoes typically have shorter lifespans compared to females, usually living for about a week or so. Their primary purpose is to mate with females. Female mosquitoes, on the other hand, have longer lifespans since they are responsible for blood-feeding and egg-laying. The lifespan of a female mosquito can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on factors such as temperature, availability of food sources, and breeding conditions.

It's important to note that some mosquito species can go into hibernation or diapause during unfavorable conditions, such as winter, allowing them to survive longer. Additionally, certain species may have specific lifecycles or behaviors that influence their lifespan. Overall, the lifespan of a mosquito is relatively short, but they can reproduce rapidly, making effective mosquito control and prevention measures essential in areas where they pose a nuisance or health concern.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are attracted to various factors that contribute to their feeding and reproductive behaviors. Here are some key factors that can attract mosquitoes:

  • Body heat and odor: Mosquitoes are attracted to the heat and scent emitted by humans and animals. They can sense body heat and detect the carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and other compounds in our breath and sweat.
  • Skin odor and chemicals: Mosquitoes are drawn to certain chemicals and substances found on human skin, such as ammonia, uric acid, and fatty acids. These compounds vary among individuals, making some people more attractive to mosquitoes than others.
  • Dark clothing: Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, as they provide better contrast against the surroundings, making it easier for mosquitoes to locate potential hosts.
  • Movement and visual cues: Mosquitoes are responsive to movement and visual cues. Rapid or jerky movements can attract their attention and trigger their biting behavior.
  • Standing water: Mosquitoes require water to breed, so stagnant water sources such as ponds, puddles, birdbaths, and uncovered containers serve as attractive breeding sites for them.
  • Floral and fruity scents: Certain fragrances from flowers, plants, perfumes, and lotions can attract mosquitoes. They are particularly attracted to floral and fruity scents, which can mimic the nectar of flowers that some mosquito species feed on.
  • Time of day: Different mosquito species exhibit varying feeding patterns, but many are most active during dawn and dusk when the environmental conditions are favorable for them.

How Can I Prevent a Mosquito Infestation?

Understanding what attracts mosquitoes can help individuals take preventive measures to reduce their attractiveness to these pests. Using mosquito repellents, wearing light-colored clothing, eliminating stagnant water sources, and using screens or mosquito nets can help minimize mosquito bites and reduce their presence. It is also a good idea to sign up for a preventative pest control program to keep these pests from proliferating near your home in the first place.

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When are Mosquitoes Most Active in the Columbus Area?

In the Columbus, OH area, mosquitoes are generally most active during the warmer months, from late spring to early fall. Specifically, their activity tends to peak from late spring (May) to early fall (September). During this time, the weather is warmer, and conditions are more favorable for mosquito breeding and activity. Mosquitoes are typically most active during dawn and dusk, as well as in the evening hours, although some species may also be active during the daytime. 

Protect Your Family & Enjoy Your Yard!

Mosquitoes are dangerous pests that spread many illnesses. They also ruin the time you spend in your backyard. Protect your family and enjoy your yard again with help from 1st Response Pest Management. 

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