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Take Back Your Yard From Fleas & Ticks

There’s nothing better than opening up the windows wide to let in the fresh summer air. However, some things are better left outside, fleas and ticks being two of those things. When fleas find their way into your Columbus home, they can quickly make life rather unbearable, covering you in itchy bites and presenting a serious health threat to your pets.

On the other hand, while ticks may not survive long once inside your house, if you pick one up while you're out enjoying your yard, you could end up with a serious illness, including Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Protect your property from these dangerous pests with flea and tick control services in Columbus from 1st Response Pest Management!

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    Ron is AWESOME! I had a national pest extermination company for several years and nothing was getting accomplished. I have seen a significant decrease in the last several months that I started with 1st Response. Ron is very committed to getting the problem fixed and is very knowledgeable and a great guy! He knows his pests! :) Everyone at 1st Response is kind, courteous, and goes the extra yard!

    Tina M.

    Company was very responsive to the needs that I had. My daughters room had hornets coming thru her ceiling. First response was the best response. They came right away after my internet message. Fixed the problem and offered a great service for other rodents around my house. Monthly service is a great deal. These guys know customer service and they know pest control. If you are thinking about a company that cares….this is it. Make first response your first response if you are in need of help.

    Matthew P.

    I live at The Gardens Apartments. I guess before I moved in, there was an issue with bugs. I never saw any. Thank God! But the gentleman from 1st Response saw something on the traps and came back several times to take care of the issue. He was always professional, polite and handled everything with care. Kudos!! I appreciate him and the service that you provide.

    Michelle W.

    Had a great experience with David - he was polite, personable, and able to find where the mice were coming in within 5 minutes. He put all the traps down and followed up on time to ensure they didn't return - highly recommend them!

    Nicholas K.

    This company is great! The company I work for has been using them for years, and I have been using them recently for my home. David is so friendly when he comes in to my office, and Larry was great when he came to my home. Lisa is always the best too! So friendly on the phone!

    Andy R.

    We have a mouse or two and Larry was amazing. On time, professional. He even went into my attic through a very small, inconvenient entryway in the top of a closet. He educated me about mice and inspected every inch of my place, inside and out. The office staff was great, too!

    Rene L.

    We purchased a house that has had termite damage in the past. The original structure was built in 1890, and has been added onto over the years. Previous owners had repaired the termite damage, and had contracted with 1st Response to continue to maintain termite control stations and inspect for any new activity. We have continued with that existing service since purchase. Every tech that comes out is wonderful. Office staff is great as well. Everyone we have dealt with has been personable, kind, attentive and professional. Jason and Justin have been our most recent techs, and they are both great guys.

    Patricia M.

    Best customer service ever! From the dispatcher to the technicians. They were super kind and accommodating to our health needs, more than willing to wear an N95 mask that we provided. Engaging conversation and thorough inspection. Even when 1 thing was missed, they apologized and made everything right. Their service was fast, but effective. The price is reasonable for all of the services you get and they were very understanding and accommodating when it came to the initial payment. I wish we had found them years ago, but if anything good can come from a mouse, it's having First Response on your side. 100%, 10 out of 10, highly recommend!

    Izetta T.

    Holy smokes! They are the best! Like seriously, if you need creepy crawly help or help with other things that scurry about, they are your people. They are incredibly kind, friendly, and understanding. They have a lot of patience and explain things thoroughly. Can't say enough good things about them. We have been using them for a couple years now and have had continued reliable and excellent service.

    Krista K.

Flea & Tick FAQ

What are fleas?


Fleas are a type of external parasite that feeds on the blood of people and animals. They are a pest that no one wants to discover on their Columbus property. Fleas are voracious eaters and consume more than 15 times their own body weight each day. Like many insects, adult fleas have 6 legs, antennae and are wingless. They are a reddish-brown color. When they're not using their powerful hind legs to jump out of sight, their small size makes people believe they are a fleck of dirt.

Why do I have a flea problem?

There are many reasons why fleas become a problem on properties. Whether you own pets or not, fleas have the potential to invade your yard or home. Any park, campground, athletic field, yard, or other outdoor area has the potential to become infested with fleas. These are common places where both wild animals and pets come and go regularly. Fleas that have found their way onto your clothing or the backs of your pets will find their way into your home. Fleas also hitchhike their way into homes or businesses inside of things like used furniture or rugs. They may move inside homes on the backs of rodents and other wild animals that have moved inside to nest.

Where will I find fleas?

If you own pets, fleas will spend most of their time on their backs. After mating, their eggs will drop off their host and onto your furniture, rugs, or bedding. Fleas introduced onto your property by wild animals live in areas of shade and damp soil. They are commonly found in tall grass or under shrubs, leaf piles, and decks.

How do I get rid of fleas?

Get rid of fleas from your Ohio home or business by trusting the experts at 1st Response Pest Management. We are a locally-owned and family-operated company. Our goal is to provide all our customers with peace of mind and pest-free homes. To find out about our eco-friendly approach to pest management, call today and speak with one of our helpful professionals!

What are the dangers of avoiding flea control services?

Fleas can spread diseases to both people and animals. However, the spread of disease by fleas is not a huge concern in the United States. A larger worry when it comes to fleas is that they are intermediate hosts for tapeworms. These tapeworms can spread from fleas to both animals and people. Less dangerous but incredibly irritating, fleas bite both humans and our pets, leaving us itching for days on end. Many people are allergic to their saliva, causing bites to become even more itchy and uncomfortable. Those that are very allergic may develop allergic dermatitis. Bites can also become infected due to excessive itching.

How can you prevent fleas from entering your home?

You can help prevent fleas or ticks from entering your home by:

  • Vacuuming floors, areas under furniture, upholstered furniture, mattresses, and the area where the floor meets the walls
  • Change and wash bedding weekly, including pet bedding
  • If possible, do not bring used upholstered furniture or rugs into your home
  • If you own pets, regularly groom and bathe them using a flea-control shampoo
  • With the help of your vet, place pets on a year-round flea preventative program
  • Deter wild animals by removing bird or wild animal feeders from your property
  • Keep grass cut short
  • Remove leaf piles or other piles of organic debris from your yard

What are ticks?


While many think of ticks as insects, they are actually arachnids and are related to spiders. Adults have eight legs, no wings, and an oval-shaped body. A tick's exact color, appearance, and host preference are species-dependent. Ticks do not jump or fly, so they move from place to place on the backs of their animal hosts or the clothing or skin of people.

Ticks are ectoparasites, which means they feed on the blood of their host (human or animal) by attaching themselves to the outside of the host's body. They have specialized mouthparts they use to cut into their host's skin. They then bury themselves into their skin, insert a barbed tube-like structure, and begin to feed on their blood. After feeding, a ticks' body swells in a balloon-like manner, and they grow in size.

Are ticks dangerous? 

Ticks are dangerous pests because they carry many diseases and bacteria that can make people and our pets ill. Diseases that ticks can spread, depending on their species, include Lyme disease, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, tularemia, ehrlichiosis, rickettsiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Where are ticks found?

Ticks, while able to move inside homes on their host's body, are not indoor pests. Most species are not able to complete their life cycle indoors. Ticks are outdoor pests and therefore challenging to control and problematic in a variety of outdoor environments, including:

  • The edges of ponds and lakes
  • Along the edge of wooded trails
  • Grassy yards
  • Parks
  • Athletic fields
  • Campgrounds
  • Dog parks

Ticks get into Columbus yards on the backs of traveling and foraging wild animals. When not feeding on a host, ticks thrive in dark, damp areas. 

How can I prevent a tick infestation?

Prevent problems with ticks by putting into place the following tick prevention measures:

  • Partner with the pest control experts here at 1st Response Pest Management
  • Work with your veterinarian to place pets on a year-round tick control program
  • After you and your pets spend time outside, inspect yourself and your pets for ticks
  • Keep your grass cut short
  • Remove overgrown vegetation from your property
  • Remove things from your property where tick-infested rodents and other wild animals can forage for food, such as open trash containers, compost piles, and bird feeders

Get Back Outside & Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

Knowing that there may be pests lurking in your backyard that could seriously harm you, your family members, or your pets is a good reason to stay inside. However, with the help of 1st Response Pest Management, you don’t need to be stuck indoors. Our flea and tick control services will help return your yard to a safe place to spend time so you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors without the fear of flea bites or tick-borne diseases. 

Take back your yard from fleas and ticks. Contact us to schedule an inspection!

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