Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Columbus Home For Good!


Have you ever heard of a silverfish? While the name might sound like a shiny creature in the sea or the lake, silverfish are a kind of insect. These odd-sounding pests commonly invade homes searching for shelter or something to eat, and they are somewhat strange to come across. Many people aren't sure what to do when they come across silverfish in their Columbus home, and they wonder if these pests are dangerous.

In this guide, you'll learn all you need to know about silverfish, including how to keep them out of your home for good with Columbus pest control services.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are wingless insects, and they get their name from their coloration. Most of these pests are silvery or light gray but are sometimes brownish. They also have noticeable antennas and three long feelers that stick out from the end of their bodies. They have rather fish-like movements and body shapes and even appear to have some "scales."

Why You Don't Want Silverfish Hanging Around Your House

Given the weird appendages that silverfish have, it's easy to assume these pests are dangerous, but their appearance is the scariest thing about them. Silverfish don't sting and rarely bite, and they generally avoid people as much as possible. They also aren't known to spread any diseases, so while they might not be pretty to look at, they will not harm you.

But, this doesn't mean you want them inside of your house. Silverfish can be invasive and also damage your personal belongings. They eat a surprisingly long list of items, including hair, glue, clothing, wallpaper, books, photographs, coffee, sugar, and flour. They will ruin beloved things you keep like documents and pictures, and they often invade pantries and cupboards and get into the food you eat. While they aren't known to spread diseases, you should still discard any food they have contacted. 

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Silverfish On Your Own

Silverfish are nocturnal, which makes them tricky to spot. They are also only about half an inch long and can slip through many small cracks and crevices throughout your house. These pests are attracted to humid areas that offer them ample food sources, and while they thrive outdoors in areas with much organic debris, they will get indoors if the opportunity presents itself. They often hide in basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. 

If you have any moisture issues around your property, it can be difficult to deter these pests. Once they're inside, the easiest way to remove them is with silverish control services from 1st Response Pest Management, LLC.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your House

While silverfish might not be the worst or most dangerous pest in the area, they are still unwelcome house guests. You don't want them ruining your personal belongings or contaminating the food you eat. Home pest control is the best way to prevent silverfish and remove current infestations. Call 1st Response Pest Management, LLC to request an inspection of your home and get started.