Your Columbus Bird Bath Could Be A Breeding Ground For Mosquitoes


Mosquitos are an annoying pest. They fly around us while we try to enjoy nature and wait for the chance to feed on our blood. Mosquitoes may be irritating, but they play an essential role in the ecosystem. Mosquitoes pollinate plants and primarily consume nectar. Only the female mosquitoes drink blood as they use the protein to lay their eggs.

Mosquitoes are very dangerous to humans as they spread diseases. Even though most mosquito bites won’t make you sick, it’s essential to learn how to prevent these stinging insects. Some surprising elements in your yard might attract mosquitoes. Find out why bird baths and other yard elements bring mosquitoes around and get Columbus mosquito control tips in this guide.

Do Bird Baths Attract Mosquitoes?

Bird baths attract mosquitoes because they are ideal places for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. They need standing water to place their tiny eggs, and bird baths, hot tubs, pools, ponds, water fountains, and even pooling water from rain are ideal breeding grounds.

Another factor that attracts mosquitoes is an overgrown yard. Mosquitoes are active at dusk and hide on shaded leaves while the sun is out. Therefore, it’s wise to regularly trim trees and shrubs around your property.

Three Things You Can Do To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Birdbaths

There are easy ways to deter mosquitoes around your yard that don’t take much time or effort. Follow these three steps:

  1. Regularly aerate standing water by purchasing a small agitator. There are many products available that are low cost.
  2. Consistently swap out old water for clean water. The birds that drink from bird baths will also appreciate the fresh, clean water you provide.
  3. Frequently treat the water with bacterial insecticides; make sure you’re using a safe product for birds to consume.

You can also prevent mosquitoes by ensuring rainwater can drain, cover hot tubs and pools, and treat water features with cycled water. Even If you follow these steps, mosquitoes may still be prevalent. Read on to learn what to do next.

What Is The Best Way To Kill Mosquitoes In My Yard?

Many people try to handle mosquito infestations with DIY products. There are multiple options, such as bug sprays, citronella candles, and insecticides, but they all have downsides. Mosquito repellents are helpful to avoid bites, but they don’t eradicate mosquitoes. These sprays only work to a limited extent.

Mosquitos invade in such large numbers that it’s nearly impossible to eliminate them without assistance. Luckily, the equipped Columbus pest control professionals at 1st Response Pest Management, LLC can remove these pests for you.

Effective Mosquito Control for Columbus Residents

Mosquitoes pose health risks and are just very unpleasant pests. If you are experiencing a mosquito problem, don’t hesitate to call us at 1st Response Pest Management, LLC. Depending on your needs, we offer monthly or one-time mosquito control options; professional services are always the best prevention method.

Call 1st Response Pest Management, LLC today to learn more about our mosquito eradication options or book a home pest control or commercial pest control quote.