What To Do About Odorous House Ants In Your Columbus Home


Did you smell a foul odor when you crushed that ant? You have just made the acquaintance of the odorous house ant, one of the most common household pests in the United States. They are notorious for the smell they emit when crushed. Most people compare the scent to rotten coconuts. Odorous house ants are also known as the 'stink ant' or 'coconut ant'.

The odorous house ant is a predator, scavenger, and forager and will search for food night and day. If you want to keep these tiny creatures out of your house, read on for help and prevention tips.

How To Identify An Odorous House Ant

The most apparent sign of odorous house ants is their smell, but you can also identify these ants if you see them crawling around. They are a tiny ants, less than half an inch long, and dark brown to black. Usually, they travel in lines moving one by one, but they can leave trails up to 50 feet long that connect their colonies and food sources.

These ants in Columbus are versatile and nest both indoors and outdoors. They’re found in shallow nests in soil, inside logs, or under rocks when outside. They often invade buildings during rainy weather and nest around pipes, under carpets, and behind paneling.

The Problems A House Ant Infestation Can Create In Your Home

While some ants pose health risks or damage property, the odorous house ant is mainly considered a nuisance. Like all ants, they aren’t picky about what they eat and like to feed on sweet and greasy food items, meats, and dead insects. They may also get into pet food, proteins, grains, sugars, and more. They don’t spread diseases, but they will get into kitchen storage, and you should discard anything foodstuffs they contaminate. 

Technically, odorous house ants do not sting or cause serious structural damage and usually do not bite unless their nest is disturbed. The main issue with these ants is their odor and invasive nature. Their colonies are typically large and contain 10,000 workers and several queens. The colony is complicated to remove, and our professionals at 1st Response Pest Management, LLC are well equipped to accomplish this task.   

Four Eco-Friendly Ant Prevention Tips For Around Your House

Prevention methods are worth a pound of cure, making it easier and more practical than removing ants once they invade. At 1st Response Pest Management, LLC, we recommend following these four environmentally friendly steps to deter ants:

  1. Reduce Moisture Issues: Odorous house ants like humidity, so remove standing water from the yard and fix leaky plumbing.
  2. Clean Food Areas: Reduce access to food for these ants and be store pet food indoors. Wipe up spills and crumbs right away.
  3. Seal Entry Points: Install weather stripping and door sweeps and repair damaged door and window screens.
  4. Use Columbus Pest Control: Pest control is the most effective way to prevent odorous house ants and other ant species in Columbus.

If you have questions about dealing with ant infestations, call us at 1st Response Pest Management, LLC. We are here to help; reach out to learn more.

Contact The Pros At The First Sign Of Odorous House Ants In Your Home

Odorous house ants aren’t dangerous, but they are troublesome nuisance pests in large numbers. Once they have set up shop in your home, you need our team's quality pest control services at 1st Response Pest Management, LLC. We are familiar with the various species, their life cycles, and their living habits.

Make ant control and prevention simple with our professional pest services and long-lasting prevention techniques. Today, call us at 1st Response Pest Management, LLC to request a quote or book an inspection.