Are You Struggling With Termite Damage In Columbus?


Termites invading your Columbus home are sure to leave serious damage, especially if an infestation goes untreated for a significant amount of time. Columbus pest control can help you with termite identification and proper termite removal. Then they will get to work repairing the damage left by this pest.

Signs Of Termite Damage You Should Look Out For

Termite infestations in Columbus often go unnoticed until significant signs of damage show up around your property. However, you can keep a look out for these early signs of termite damage:

  • Pinpoint holes around drywall or baseboards that indicate termite invasion
  • Discarded or shed swarmer wings around your property
  • Collections of frass (this appears like wood shavings) around windowsills, doorjambs, and baseboards
  • Wood that starts to appear moisture-damaged or breaks away easily
  • Sinking floors and ceilings
  • Bulging walls or bubbling and peeling paint on walls

Another significant sign of termite damage is a structural collapse, though an infestation will likely need to be relatively severe and tunneling for a long time before this happens. Still, it is a risk and one that needs to be kept in mind when dealing with termites.

If you see any of these termite damage indicators around your property, don’t hesitate to contact 1st Response Pest Management for advice on your next steps and assistance in combatting a termite problem.

Just A Few Termites Or An Infestation?

While it is possible to see one or two lone termites around your property without indications of a further infestation problem, the chances of this are low. Termites live together in colonies and tend to swarm together; sightings of a few termites around your property are more likely to indicate that a widespread infestation is taking place just out of sight. To determine whether or not this is the case, you can check for signs of termite damage and contact 1st Response Pest Management for an in-depth termite inspection.

Properly Repairing Termite Damage

Termite damage can be extensive, and repairing it needs to be done carefully and thoroughly. You can repair termite damage by replacing the area with new wood or bolstering the damaged wood with extra support. However, dealing with extensive termite damage, you will likely need to have the entire area torn out and replaced; this is the most expensive way to repair termite damage.

You should also remember to remove all active termites from your Columbus property before attempting to repair termite damage. Making repairs and replacements while termites still exist in your home or without safeguarding your property against further termite infestations will only result in future issues and more damages. 

Total Termite Control Services: No Problem Too Big Or Small

Your property deserves the best termite control services, which is why you should contact 1st Response Pest Management. Our team members are the best termite specialists for your Columbus property – we dedicate ourselves to thorough termite inspections, customized solutions, and follow-up treatments that ensure to resolve any termite problem you have.

1st Response Pest Management offers free termite inspections to help us get a handle on your termite problem and make appropriate treatment suggestions. We use two main termite treatment solutions – a liquid treatment and the Sentricon® System – that allow us to effectively and reliably remove your termite problems.

Contact us today to learn more or get started.