Stink Bugs In Columbus Can Be A Pain To Get Rid Of

Stink bug

Stink bugs in Columbus are more than just a smelly nuisance; they can be a serious problem to eliminate. The best way to control a stink bug invasion is to reach out to Columbus pest control professionals for removal assistance.

Should I Be Worried About Stink Bugs in Columbus?

While stink bug infestations in Columbus aren’t the most dangerous pest to encounter, they can be highly problematic in terms of filling your home with an unpleasant odor and may be frightening to see crawling around your property in large numbers. Additionally, the smelly liquid that stink bugs spray can sometimes trigger allergic reactions or contact dermatitis. If you have severe reactions to encountering a stink bug, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Stink Bugs Vs. Other Bugs In The Area

Several other bugs in the Columbus area may invade your homes, such as ants, cockroaches, stinging insects, and spiders. However, these pests can bring even more problems as they infest your property, including serious health and safety risks. Stink bugs are more of a nuisance pest, and while they are smelly and annoying to deal with, they are not as incredibly dangerous to deal with as other bugs are. Stink bug control is still necessary to remove this pest from your property and avoid its odor in your home.

What Is Attracting Stink Bugs To My Home?

Stink bugs may be attracted to your home for various reasons, and these reasons are typically easy access to food, water, and shelter. Stink bugs primarily love to eat fruit, and gardens full of fruit trees or fallen fruits are a prime hiding space for this pest. Stink bugs also love moist or humid areas to hide in, are attracted to bright lights and reflective surfaces, and seek out warm places, especially if they attempt to shelter in your home as part of overwintering.

In addition to pest control for stink bugs, taking steps to evaluate your property for stink bug attractants and reducing or removing access to these factors can help you keep infestations of stink bugs at bay.

Professional Stink Bug Control Services

The best way to kill stink bugs and ensure that this smelly pest doesn’t linger on your property is to invest in the professional stink bug control services provided by 1st Response Pest Management. Our team dedicates themselves to keeping your property free of stink bugs and will work closely with you to ensure that every stink bug control solution fits your property’s needs.

Additionally, you can follow some of our expert advice to safeguard your property against this pest and prevent potential infestations:

  • Seal cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation of your property to keep this pest outside. You can also put study window and door screens into place for this.
  • Fix moisture and drainage issues that contribute to damp or humid conditions around your property.
  • Protect your gardens by using mesh and stink bug repelling plants and picking up fallen fruit to remove accessible food sources for this pest.
  • Ensure long grasses are cut back in outdoor areas and remove woodpiles and debris that stink bugs may hide.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to 1st Response Pest Management at the first signs of a stink bug infestation on your property. We’ll provide you with the expert removal and control that you deserve.