The Key To Dealing With Pharaoh Ants In Columbus


Most of us are familiar with black or brown ants, but what about the yellow or reddish-brown ants? There is an ant in the Columbus area known as the pharaoh ant. These ants are so-named because some thought they were involved in a plague in Egypt. Over the centuries, pharaoh ants have migrated from northern Africa to households throughout the world — including the Columbus area! 

Pharaoh ants can cause a range of problems. If you suspect an infestation of pharaoh ants, you need the Columbus pest control team of 1st Response Pest Management, LLC. 

Will A Pharaoh Ant Bite Me?

Knows also as the piss ant or sugar ant, the pharaoh ant size is only 1/12 to 1/16 inch long. These ants have a stinger; however, they do not sting humans. They can bite, but they usually do not bite unless they feel threatened. In the unlike situation where a pharaoh ant bites a human, the bite will not cause harm.

What Does a Pharoah Ant Bite Look Like?

The bite will typically resemble a common ant bite: small, raised, and a reddish color, depending on your skin tone. However, since these ants have been known to spread illness in the rare times they do bite, there’s a slightly greater chance they may appear infected. (You should seek medical attention if you notice any signs of infection such as excessive redness and swelling, hives anywhere on your body, or extreme itching or pain.)

At the end of the day, it’s probably more likely your bite was due to another insect, but if you have a particularly bad infestation, you might get the occasional, small pharaoh ant bite.

Do Pharaoh Ants Carry Anything?

You do not want pharaoh ants in your home because they spread disease. These ants are known to spread over a dozen pathogens such as:

  • Salmonella 
  • Streptococcus
  • Pseudomonas
  • Clostridium

In addition to invading homes, pharaoh ants are problematic for hospitals where they are known to get into IV bottles, enter wounds, and even enter patients' mouths in search of moisture. 

In houses, pharaoh ants contaminate food and surfaces as they travel from one place to another. Pharaoh ants are attracted to wounds and can spread disease if they crawl across open wounds.

What Is Attracting Pharaoh Ants Into My House?

Pharaoh ants are attracted to food and warmth. Foods they enjoy eating include sweets, proteins, fatty foods, and dead insects. Pharaoh ants are fast-moving and quick to contaminate food. Food left uncovered for a short period can quickly be overrun by pharaoh ants. Because they are quick to ruin food, many exasperated homeowners have considered selling their homes due to the problem. 

One problem with trapping pharaoh ants is that they can change food preferences, so a food type that once attracted them may no longer work. You may have to experiment to determine which food type attracts them. 

Pharoah ants gather in warm, humid areas near food sources such as:

  • Voids in walls
  • Behind baseboards
  • Inside of furniture
  • Beneath floors
  • Inside crevices
  • Spaces in window and door frames
  • Underneath insulation in walls and ceilings

Pharoah ants use the wiring in the walls as a highway to travel throughout the house. Because they often travel behind walls and can change food preferences, they are difficult to contain and lure into ant traps. 

What Can I Do To Remove A Pharaoh Ant Infestation?

Pharaoh ants can "bud." Unlike other insects, each colony of pharaoh ants has many queen ants. As a result of their polygynous behavior, a colony can quickly divide as queen ants leave to create new groups. Furthermore, the colonies co-exist and support each other by utilizing pheromones to create food trails for other groups to use. Due to the ability to bud, pharaoh ants in Columbus can quickly cause a significant issue to homes in Columbus.

Although getting rid of pharaoh ants can be difficult, these are steps you can take to help eliminate them from your Columbus home: 

  • Seal cracks that lead into the house
  • Store food in air-tight containers
  • Vacuum the house regularly
  • Wipe down kitchen counters
  • Keep floors free from crumbs
  • Dispose of garbage frequently
  • Keep garbage cans sealed

Due to their ability to bud, hide in unlikely places, and change dietary preferences, the elimination of pharaoh ants requires professional help. For professional pharaoh ant extermination near you, contact 1st Response Pest Management, LLC. Our pest control experts can eliminate pharaoh ants from your house before they become an overwhelming problem. Contact us and let us solve your pharaoh ant infestation.