Root Out The Roaches That May Be Hiding In Your Columbus Home


Cockroaches are a tricky pest to deal with, and removing every last roach hiding in your home is an essential step to eliminating infestations of this pest. Columbus pest control is standing by with expert advice and professional removal tactics to help you get rid of cockroaches and eradicate populations of this pest around your property.

FAQ: Home Remedies For Roach Infestations

Many homeowners may turn to home remedies for cockroaches once they see this pest running around their homes. However, the sheer number of home remedies and DIY cockroach control methods can be confusing. Here we have answers to some of your frequently asked questions:

Q: Are home remedies for cockroaches effective? 
A: Sometimes. DIY cockroach control products are not the most effective at removing infestations, but they can reduce the number of roaches running around your home.

Q: Are home remedies for roaches safe?
A: This depends on your method; some DIY methods use natural ingredients while others use store-bought chemicals. The improper application of chemicals may be dangerous in certain situations.

Q: Are there better options than DIY roach control remedies? 
A: Yes, roach pest control provided by the professionals at 1st Response Pest Management is much safer and more effective than home roach control remedies.

Q: What is one easy cockroach control home remedy every home can follow? 
A: Prevention is the best home remedy for defeating cockroaches. Following expert prevention advice ensures that your home doesn’t suffer significant infestation issues in the first place.

For more information on cockroach control and to learn why professional pest control is a much better choice for your home than trusting less than effective home remedies, reach out to 1st Response Pest Management at the first signs of cockroach infestation on your property.

How Long Will It Take To Get Rid Of Roaches In My Home?

Cockroaches are an incredibly prolific pest, and it can often take a long time to get rid of this insect from around your home. After all, cockroaches reproduce quickly and are experts at hiding in hard-to-reach locations. You need to eliminate every life stage of cockroaches around your home to defeat an infestation, something that can be difficult without professional help.

Working independently to eliminate all cockroaches in your home can take several months. With professional assistance, you can see a reduction of cockroaches in a few days and complete eradication of your cockroach problem within two weeks for most infestations. Severe cockroach problems may require two treatments but will be taken care of in two to three weeks.

Finding The Roach Hiding Spots In Your Home

If there’s one thing that cockroaches are known for, it’s hiding in areas around your home that make it hard to reach them. However, if you know what to look for, you can narrow down cockroach hiding spots and take steps to safeguard these areas or clean them to remove as many cockroaches and shed cockroach skins and eggs as possible.

For the most part, cockroaches love to hide in warm, humid areas close to food sources. The most likely places to host hiding cockroaches are under appliances or in the backs of cabinets around your kitchen, in bathrooms, around food storage areas, near trash cans or waste disposal areas, and in basements or garages full of stored items.

Other popular areas for roaches to hide in include the gaps and cracks around your home’s walls, inside of appliances (you may see roaches crawling around the clock areas of microwaves or ovens where it is warm), or inside of utility areas such as electrical outlets and plumbing. Because cockroaches can so easily infiltrate every part of your home, cockroach pest control in Columbus is necessary to locate and remove every roach hiding around your property.

Keeping Roaches In Columbus Away From Your Home Forever!

When it comes to defeating cockroaches, there’s no better team to turn to than our pest management professionals at 1st Response Pest Management. Our team knows how dangerous it can be to have an infestation of unhygienic cockroaches running around your home, which is why we strive to protect your property from this pest completely. With our in-depth inspections, tailored treatment plans, and expert customer service, we can remove any cockroach infestation from your property in no time, so you can get back to enjoying the peace and safety of your home.