What You Have Always Wanted To Know About The Spiders In Columbus


Spiders are not the most pleasant visitors in your home, and you may wonder if everything you hear about this pest is true. Fortunately, Columbus pest control can answer your questions about all kinds of spiders and their unique behaviors.

Three Strange But True Spider Facts

All types of spiders that live around Columbus have unique living habits, diet preferences, and preferred sheltering spots. If you want to understand the spiders you live among, it helps to learn more about these pests and what makes them unique.

  • Female spiders can lay up to three thousand eggs at a time via one or more silk sacs.
  • Most spiders, whether they have eight or six eyes, are nearsighted, which is why they often lay in wait for their prey to approach.
  • Every spider species can produce silk, and many can produce up to seven different types of silk for various purposes, such as web creation and prey catching.

As you look into ways to get rid of spiders, keep these spider facts in mind; they can help you efficiently eradicate populations of this pest around your property.

The Reason Spiders Build Webs

All spiders can build webs, but they might make them for different purposes depending on the spider species. For the most part, spiders build their webs to catch prey. They spin these sticky webs and wait for insects to become trapped in them, quickly attacking their prey once they get stuck. 

Other spider species will use their webs as a home. They will use the sticky web substance to cover a hole in the ground, or they tuck it into another secluded area, and the spider will retreat there to rest or shelter when they are not out hunting prey.

Myths About Spiders

Spiders are a frightening pest, and it’s not surprising that many myths surround this arachnid. Here we will dispel some of the most common myths about spiders and their behavior:

  • Humans swallow spiders while they sleep: This is a popular myth, but one that is very far from the truth. Spiders want to keep away from threats; for the most part, there is no way they would climb into our mouths.
  • All spiders should be killed: Many people are frightened of spiders and move to kill this pest the moment they see it. However, spiders are good for the environment, so unless you are dealing with a dangerous spider infestation, relocating your house guest might be a better option.
  • Every spider is aggressive: While some spiders are more aggressive than others, most spider species want to be left alone to live their lives and are more scared of us than we are.

For more spider information or to learn how to prevent spiders in your home safely, contact 1st Response Pest Management and speak to our team of knowledgeable spider experts.

Total Spider Control For Columbus Homeowners

The best way to get rid of spiders and protect your Columbus property against the potential dangers of this pest is to contact 1st Response Pest Management. Our team works with you to identify your specific spider issues and will provide you with expert tailored solutions to ensure the elimination of every spider hiding around your property. We will treat your spider infestations completely, and your property will be safeguarded against reinfestations of this unique yet potentially dangerous pest.