Cockroach Identification

What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches are known for being one of the most adaptable creatures living throughout the world and are difficult pests to control. Those species that have adapted to living near people are dangerous and unwelcome pests.

Cockroaches have a flattened, oval-shaped body and six legs covered in spines. Their long antennae are usually the same length or longer than their body, and some species have fully developed wings and are capable of flight. Whether winged or not, cockroaches are not known as great fliers. Most species of roaches avoid light and scurry into the darkness when lights turn on. Cockroaches come in various colors, including black, mahogany, and brown, with a variety of identifying markings.

Some of the most common roaches living throughout Greater Columbus and Central Ohio include German cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, American cockroaches, and brown-banded cockroaches.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroaches are dangerous and damaging pests. They carry on their body and legs a wide number of bacteria, human pathogens, and parasites and contaminate food, utensils, dishes, and the surfaces of homes that they crawl over. They transmit E. coli and salmonella, and other pathogens that make people ill. Also, their shed skins and excrement aggravate allergies and trigger asthma attacks — especially in young children. Cockroaches are scavengers that feed on and damage many non-food items like books, clothing, furniture, toothpaste, and wallpaper.

Why do I have a cockroach problem?

You have a cockroach problem because cockroaches have discovered sources of food on your property. Things like trash cans, compost piles, pet food, and outdoor eating areas can attract cockroaches to your yard. Once in your yard, they will likely find their way into your house while foraging for more food. Things like spills, crumbs, and dirty dishes act as food sources for hungry cockroaches.

People also introduce cockroaches indoors on potted plants, delivery boxes, or used appliances or electronics that harbor these pests.

Where will I find cockroaches?

Where cockroaches prefer to live depends on their species, as shown below:

  • German Cockroaches

German cockroaches like to live inside. They are a significant pest concern in homes, restaurants, grocery stores, and food is prepared or stored anywhere else. These roaches prefer warm, humid environments, and you'll often find them in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are sometimes called "water bugs" because they prefer to live in very damp areas. Outside, they live around sewers and under piles of debris. Inside, these roaches hide in basements, crawl spaces, and bathrooms around toilets and bathtub drains.

  • American Cockroaches

American cockroaches mainly live outside but do move indoors while foraging for food. Outside, they live around sewers and drains. They also live in flower beds, under mulch, and behind tree bark. Inside, these moisture-loving pests hide in warm, dark areas in kitchens, basements, bathrooms, and crawl spaces.

  • Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches prefer to live in dry locations that are very warm — above 80 degrees. Inside, these cockroaches live under furniture and in the upper parts of the kitchen or bathroom cabinets. They also invade electronics.

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

Get rid of cockroaches from your Ohio home or business by trusting the experts at 1st Response Pest Management. We are a locally-owned and family-operated pest control company. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with peace of mind and pest-free homes and businesses through our effective residential and commercial pest control services.

Learn more about protecting your Greater Columbus or Central Ohio area home or business from cockroaches and other pests with the help of 1st Response Pest Management and our eco-friendly approach to pest control. Reach out today and speak with one of our helpful professionals!

How can I prevent cockroaches in the future?

Prevent problems with cockroaches by putting into place the following cockroach prevention measures:

  • Partner with the pest control experts here at 1st Response Pest Management.
  • Keep cockroaches from finding their way into your home by sealing any gaps or cracks in the foundation and exterior walls.
  • Place weather-stripping around all windows and doors.
  • Replace torn window or door screens.
  • Reduce excess moisture both inside and outside your home.
  • Make sure outdoor trash cans and compost bins have tight lids.
  • Pick up uneaten pet food.
  • Keep outdoor eating areas free of food debris.
  • Inside your home, store all food, including your pet's food, in airtight containers or the refrigerator.
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