Mosquito Prevention In Columbus Can Be Tricky To Tackle


Columbus is a wonderful place to live. There are many great sights to see and plenty of things to do in this great city. However, as with living in any area, there are a few drawbacks. One of the most common problems that homeowners in Columbus face are the threats posed by the variety of invasive pests that target properties throughout the city. Of all of the pests that can cause problems for homeowners, one of the most frequent and dangerous pests is mosquitoes. That’s where pest control in Columbus can come in handy!

How To Identify Mosquito Bites

Most Columbus residents are well aware of the troubles that mosquitoes cause and are unfortunately familiar with their bites. When mosquitoes bite people, they cause itchy sores that typically last for under a week. Mosquito bites produce small red sores on the affected areas of the skin, usually less than 1/2 an inch in size. Although mosquitoes in Columbus are primarily a nuisance pest, they are known to carry and transmit extremely dangerous diseases from all around the world. For this reason, it is important to take signs of mosquito activity on your property seriously.

Four Things Attracting Mosquitoes To Your Property

In addition to natural areas of the yard that can attract mosquitoes, certain activities and items can also attract mosquitoes. Every homeowner should be aware of these to help keep mosquitoes away from their yard.

Four common attractants for mosquitoes on Columbus properties include:

  1. Exercise: Mosquitoes use thermal sensory information to help find their prey. When exercising in the yard, your body temperature rises and becomes an easy target for hungry mosquitoes. 
  2. Alcohol: Studies have shown that mosquitoes are more likely to target people who have recently consumed alcohol.  
  3. Sugary foods and drinks: Experts have long known that mosquitoes require sugar to survive. Female mosquitoes feed on blood to help produce eggs, but both males and females need sugar. 
  4. Dark clothing: Mosquitoes use their vision, sense of smell, and heat receptors to locate food sources. Darker-colored clothing makes humans easier to spot. Dressing in lighter colors can help to reduce your risk of being bitten by a mosquito when outside. 

Feel free to reach out to our team of experts at 1st Response Pest Management for more information on these blood-drawing pests and how to prevent them from targeting your home.

Mosquito Prevention Tips Everyone Ought To Know

Nobody wants mosquitoes in their yard. These blood-drawing pests are sources of extreme irritation and are carriers of dangerous diseases. It is vital to do everything you can to make your yard less attractive to mosquitoes to avoid the itchy sores of mosquito bites and the potential health hazards they possess.

There are many simple ways to keep mosquitoes away from your Columbus yard, such as:

  • Incorporate mosquito repellant plants into your garden. Sage, lavender, and marigolds are all plants that will keep mosquitoes away.  
  • Use mosquito repellant products such as insecticide spray on affected areas of your property.
  • Make sure to routinely clean and empty sources of standing water in your yard, such as gutters, swimming pools, trash cans, birdbaths, and other yard fixtures that can collect water. Mosquitoes are attracted to sources of standing water as breeding grounds. 

For further information on preventing mosquitoes from invading your property, consult with the team of pest control specialists at 1st Response Pest Management.

Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control  

Although using mosquito repellants and practicing general prevention techniques can effectively reduce the chance of an infestation, if mosquitoes gain a foothold on your property, professional service is required to get rid of mosquitoes. Luckily for Columbus residents, 1st Response Pest Management is here to help.

1st Response Pest Management, a local Columbus area pest control specialist, has been serving the area since 2006. We are here to help if you find your home or property faced with a mosquito problem. Our dedicated mosquito and pest experts will work with you to create a custom mosquito control plan for your home or property. We provide transparent pricing on our services and offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate our clients. Contact us today.