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Fairlawn is a small suburb of Akron, a close-knit community that offers lots of parks, businesses, and good schools, making it a sought-after place to live in Ohio. And with temperate conditions for most of the year, with a brisk winter sandwiched in between, it makes enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities very convenient. However, many kinds of pests are equally attracted to this setting, and they’re looking to gain entry to your property and cause you damage. 

Since 2006, 1st Response Pest Management has provided homeowners and businesses alike with eco-friendly treatments, easy scheduling, and top-notch customer service. Keeping your property free from pests in a safe, effective, and fairly priced way while giving you peace of mind is our top priority. So contact us today for more information on how to keep pests off of your property. 

Home Pest Control In Fairlawn, OH

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When pests come knocking at your door, they’re an unwelcome sight that can cause damage to your home and could potentially put your health at risk. That’s where 1st Response Pest Management comes in. Our team of highly trained technicians is ready to help you achieve your home pest control goals with thorough inspections and treatment plans customized to your unique needs. Our treatments are geared toward yielding you results, but if treated pests return for any reason, we’ll re-treat your property until the problem resolves. 

When you choose to work with 1st Response Pest Management, you get a locally-owned and -operated team of pest control experts, seamless customer service, convenient scheduling, white-glove service, and eco-friendly solutions to all of life’s pest problems. Contact us today to ensure that your home is always pest-free. 

Commercial Pest Control In Fairlawn, OH

As a locally-owned business, we’re very familiar with the needs of our neighbors. That is why we strive to provide businesses of the Fairlawn area with the highest quality eco-friendly pest control services around. We offer every potential commercial client a free, no-obligation inspection so that everyone can fully understand the scope of your pest control needs. Together we’ll develop a plan for treatment and follow-up that ensures your business is always pest-free. 

We proudly service restaurants, schools, retail establishments, medical facilities, warehouses, and office buildings with white-glove service, high-quality eco-friendly products, stellar customer support that is always there for you, and a guarantee on all of our services. Contact 1st Response Pest Management today for sustainable commercial pest control solutions that you can trust.

The Best Way To Handle Rodents On Your Fairlawn Property

Rodents may seem harmless, resembling something similar to your pets with their furry bodies. However, rodents of all kinds can wreak havoc on your property and, in some cases, can be dangerous to your health. Take mice, for example; they scurry around primarily at night, snatching food scraps and crumbs from your counter or trash, and chew through the wood and wires in your home only to leave behind droppings, urine, and saliva that carry pathogens like salmonella. 

Rodents like mice and rats also breed at alarmingly fast rates, which means that you could be handling a full-blown infestation in a matter of weeks if the timing is right. And if it’s gophers you have, they dig extensive tunnels underneath your yard and are nearly impossible to catch, as they’re nocturnal and rarely come up to the surface. The safest, most effective way to handle rodents on your Fairlawn property is with professional assistance from the 1st Response Pest Management team with our rodent control. Call us today for sustainable solutions to all of your pest problems!

What Termite Damage Looks Like In Fairlawn

On average, termites cost American homeowners approximately 5 billion dollars in damage each year, and each infested household could spend over $3,000 to rectify their issues. So while they may be hard to spot, the trouble termites cause is quite large. Here are some of the signs that you might have termites present in your Fairlawn home:

  • Presence of mazes or mud tubes

  • Bubbling wallpaper or paint

  • Buckling wood

  • Piles of sawdust

  • Shed body parts, frass (termite excrement), or termites themselves

  • A musky, mildew-like odor

Whether you’re looking to monitor for termites proactively or to rectify the damage they’ve caused, contact the team of professionals at 1st Response Pest Management today for termite control.


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