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Located just miles outside of Columbus, the city of Powell acts as a close-knit suburban community for many local families and individuals. Life in Powell is also full of parks, tree-lined streets, and all of the amenities needed to make daily life easy. Pest problems can appear at any time for Powell property owners, which is why 1st Response Pest Management is dedicated to providing Delaware County pest control all year round. We focus on quality, eco-friendly products that offer maximum protection while impacting the environment as little as possible. Our goal is always to provide reliable and convenient customer service so that the process is as seamless as possible. To learn more about our pest control program, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Powell

When pest problems happen inside the home, they can be truly hard to overcome, but that doesn't have to be the case with residential pest control from 1st Response Pest Management. It's our goal to bring homeowners the most trusted pest control around, which is why we always provide meticulous inspections, thorough, eco-friendly treatments, and routine maintenance on a quarterly basis. We also specialize in mosquito, rodent, termite, wildlife, and bed bug control, so you never have to worry about any type of pest. For more information on our residential pest control offerings, contact us today. 


Commercial Pest Control In Powell

At 1st Response Pest Management, we believe that no two businesses are alike, and we will never treat them that way. We customize our commercial pest control programs to the specific needs of the businesses that we serve. From your initial inspection to the development of a treatment plan, we consider the type of business, specifications of your property, and any other relevant information. All our products are eco-friendly to provide long-lasting relief with minimal environmental impact. With our white-glove service and attention to detail, we will always aim to leave your business cleaner than we found it. For more information on commercial pest control, contact us today. 

Why Professional Help Is Key To Bed Bug Removal In Powell

Bed bugs make their way inside Powell properties in the sneakiest ways and create a series of conditions that the average homeowner simply isn't equipped to deal with, which makes professional bed bug removal an absolute necessity. These parasites latch onto personal belongings and used items like mattresses to make their way inside of a property, making them nearly impossible to guard against. Bed bugs tend to live and breed in the depths of upholstered items like chairs, beds, and carpets, making them hard to see and even harder to remove. Bed bugs feed off human blood at night and require little sustenance, so they will have no reason to leave. They also produce up to seven eggs a day and can reproduce within a month of hatching, making big problems out of small ones. DIY methods are not designed to handle the size and depth of a standard infestation; however, professional bed bug removal from 1st Response Pest Management uses years of experience and proven methods that give property owners total relief from these pests. To learn more about bed bug control, contact us today. 

Do The Ticks In Powell Carry Dangerous Diseases?

Ticks are some of the most feared pests in Powell because of their mischievous parasitic behavior and understandably so. Ticks of varying species can carry the bacteria that lead to various illnesses; however, not every tick will have that bacteria inside them. For example, the deer ticks in Powell are associated with Lyme disease but not every deer tick carries the Lyme bacteria. Similarly, not every dog tick can cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever, although some do; yet deer ticks do not have this capability at all. Unfortunately, it's impossible to know simply by looking at a tick whether or not they're dangerous. 
At 1st Response Pest Management, we provide Powell residents with seasonal tick protection. Our process begins with a detailed property inspection in order to identify where ticks might be congregating and the extent of their population. From there, we apply a barrier treatment around the perimeter of your home. We tend to the harborage areas, woods, fields, and more during the next visit. To learn more about tick control, contact 1st Response Pest Management today. 


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