The Key To Successful Bird Removal For Your Columbus Property


Birds are lovely to look at from a distance in your yard. They bring beautiful colors and music that make you feel warm inside. However, when too many gather, your home can quickly become the place, you don’t want to be.

In many cases, if you’re a homeowner who loves to DIY, know that bird removal shouldn’t be one of those DIY projects you take on yourself. There are bird control solutions for your Columbus property you can rely on.

Contact your local Columbus pest control if nuisance birds are hanging around your Columbus home and becoming more of a pest than a beautiful part of nature to watch.

Common Types Of Birds That Roost On Columbus Properties

Most people welcome the sight of birds in Columbus. They don’t become nuisances until they enter your property and cause costly damages. From roof damages to gutter cleaning services, here are the nuisance birds that you’ll find roosting on your Columbus property.

  • Pigeons
  • Starlings
  • Sparrows

There are many more birds native to the Columbus area, of course, but these three are the most common species you’ll likely see around your property. Contact bird control immediately before a minor issue becomes a significant problem when any of these birds make their way into your property.

The Many Problems Birds Can Create Around Your Property

According to Medical News Today, bird droppings can carry over 60 diseases.; this can be an especially serious issue simply because these diseases are airborne and can easily transmit to humans from merely being around bird droppings.

From the three common nuisance birds listed above, here are some of the diseases they’re known to carry potentially:

  • St. Louis Encephalitis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Cryptococcosis
  • E.coli
  • Candidiasis

If that’s not bad enough, nuisance birds also carry over 50 different ectoparasites, including chicken mites, bed bugs, and yellow mealworms. These are just the health risks associated with nuisance birds around your Columbus property.

Property damage these birds can do includes: 

  • Paint damage to your car
  • Holes in the soffits and siding of your home
  • Damage from pecking and foraging
  • Clogged gutters from nesting
  • Noise disturbances (chirping, scratching, and more inside your walls or attic)
  • Damage to personal belongings inside your attic
  • Fecal matter (droppings) on patio furniture

Birds nesting and leaving their droppings on and around your property isn’t just unsightly; it’s also a serious health threat. Additionally, it’s the start of a long journey of costly home repairs. Though the problems associated with birds typically occur in the attic and garage, where they have the easiest access to enter small spaces or gaps in your home’s exterior, they are an all-around, year-round threat to have anywhere on your property.

Whether you need bird control for pigeons on your property or general removal services for a host of different birds, there are bird pest control experts near you: contact 1st Response Pest Management, LLC.

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Nuisance Birds On Your Own

In many cases, there is one primary reason why so many people have a hard time getting rid of nuisance birds on their own: They don’t know what’s attracting them in the first place.

You may not realize that you have everything birds want and need in and around your yard, which is why birds come and never want to leave. Food, water, and shelter are what they are seeking, and if your yard or home provides it, they’ll never go.

Here are a few things to take notice of around your property:

  • Water features (fountains, small ponds, and more)
  • Fruit-bearing trees or plants
  • Overgrown bushes and tree limbs
  • Bird feeders
  • Clogged gutters are holding water
  • Pest infestation

Many people forget that birds eat worms and other insects. If you see many birds in your yard, you need animal control for birds in Columbus. Still, you may also require additional pest control services to remove the pest infestations lurking around your home.

At 1st Response Pest Management, LLC, we provide all of that. Call to speak to one of our pest control experts to get your services started today.

Contact The Pros For The Best Bird Control For Your Property

If you’re having problems with birds on your property, the longer you wait, the worse your bird problem will become. Call your local pest control bird removal experts at 1st Response Pest Management, LLC.