The Best Way To Deal With Subterranean Termites In Central Ohio


When insects and creatures are able to flourish under your nose, it makes catching and managing them even more difficult. Termites and other wood-destroying pests aren’t readily detected because they tend to crawl inside the walls and beneath the soil. It may be a precarious situation by the time you actually spot evidence of termite damage. Recurrent pest control in Central Ohio is necessary to maintain your property.

Americans share an annual $5 billion for termite treatments and products. Assistance won’t come from insurance companies, which ordinarily don’t cover adjacent repairs. You have to get more information about how these bugs behave so that you can act as soon as possible. Learn now what the signs of termites inside your house are and what’s involved with extermination. 1st Response Pest Management can save the day.

Signs Of Subterranean Termites On Your Central Ohio Property

Subterranean termites are the most present species in the region. Nests will contain workers, soldiers, and swarmers. Being comparative to ants, workers are just 0.12 of an inch long. Their skin is white or grayish-white. Soldiers are around the same size, but they’re yellow-brown and have rectangular heads with giant mandibles. A termite colony on your Central Ohio property is birthed by reproductive swarmers with wings. These insects are ½ of an inch long and yellow, brown, or black. Windows and fixtures may be landing spots because they are enamored with light. They’ll be the only active termites to be visible.

Including swarmers, signs of termites inside your house or business are:

  • Finding the discarded wings of swarmers
  • Discovering heaps of fecal frass by the holes, maze patterns, mud tubes of termites
  • Hollow sounding walls
  • Hearing clicking and rustling inside of foundations
  • Paint that is flaking or swelling  
  • Drywall that is off-color or slacking
  • Tiles and floorboards that are deteriorating
  • Window frames and doors that are tight

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Subterranean Termites On Your Property

Between their rapid procreation rates and large population sizes, battling a termite colony on your Central Ohio property won’t be easy. You have to make an effort with preventative measures to escape evidence of termite damage. Here’s what you’ll need to do specifically:

  • Remove or restore dying or impaired wood.
  • Have moisture complications repaired immediately, particularly those affecting wood.      
  • Patch up crevices in foundations, caulk, and utility lines.
  • Attach screens on all exterior doors.
  • Cleanse your vents and gutters frequently.
  • Place wood and plants two feet away from the property.
  • Keep loose wood, such as carpentry panels, from touching soil.
  • Mow the lawn and trim the greenery on a routine basis. 

How Do Subterranean Termites Get Into Central Ohio Homes?

If wood is on the ground, active termites are bound to overrun it. The impacted chunks could be carried indoors or used for building, which will give way to an infestation. Otherwise, the bugs will slip through cracks in the foundation. As time goes on, your walls and bases will weaken and possibly collapse. Another concern with termites is allergic reactions, but not a disease.

Termites aren’t entirely awful; their patterns contribute to environmental balance. Trees and plants receive valuable nutrients when the wood is divided. In numerous countries, these critters are eaten as a delicacy for nutrition. These points aren’t very relieving, however.

Who To Call About Subterranean Termites in Central Ohio

Retail insecticides are pricey, but they aren’t enough for an infestation. They can be hazardous too. For safe solutions that go beyond the surface, contact us at 1st Response Pest Management. Some of our industrial-grade termite treatments are Sentricon® System with Always Active™ baits and Termidor liquid termiticide. Call today for a free quote!